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Ground Habanero Pepper 250,000 Scoville Unit (1 lb)


I called prior to ordering and was surprised at the excellent customer service and the patience in answering my questions. I was told that the product was gourmet quality. Being a skeptic, I went ahead and ordered a pound of habanero powder. When my powder arrived, it was sealed very well. Upon opening the bag, I discovered the most wonderful aroma and subsequent use proved the flavor to be far superior to anything I have gotten from other companies. I am more than satisfied and I think I have found my new supplier!

Butcher and Packer products exceed expectations and the customer service can't be matched. They have a home town attitude with world class service. I would recommend Butcher and Packer for any business that wishes to use the very best products avialable on the market.
Date Added: 01/16/2012 by Gregg Fowler
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