Mold - 600 Bactoferm (TM) Sausage Mould( Formerly M-EK-4 )


Meat culture for production of moulded dried sausages with a white/cream coloured appearance. Mold-600 is a single strain culture containing spores of Penicillium nalgiovense in a convenient freeze-dried form. P. nalgiovense is a fast growing, traditional white mold culture for controlling the surface flora.

Mold-600 is particularly recommended for the production of traditional sausages dried at low temperature and/or low humidity.

Mold-600 suppresses the growth of undesirable organisms such as indigenous molds, yeasts and bacteria. The culture has a positive effect on the drying process by preventing the emergence of a dry rim. Furthermore, the mold degrades lactic acid during maturation resulting in a pH increase and a less sourish flavor.

Note: Cultures must be stored in freezer and has a shelf life of 14 days unrefrigerated and 6 months frozen.

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About Meat Culture for Moulded Dried Sausages

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