Meat Starter Culture Bactoferm (TM) F-RM-52


Bactoferm (TM) F-RM-52 is a freeze-dried culture well suited for all fermented sausages where a relatively fast acidification is desired. The culture is recommended for the production of traditional North European types of fermented, dry sausages with a sourly flavor note.

Each 25-gram packet of Bactoferm (TM) F-RM-52 will do 220 pounds (100 kilo) of meat. You can use the whole packet in 100 pounds of meat or use half of the packet and refreeze remaining culture.

Note: Cultures must be stored in freezer and has a shelf life of 14 days unrefrigerated and 6 months frozen.

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About Meat Starter Culture Bactoferm (TM) F-RM-52

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