Certified Organic Grade A Vanilla Beans (3 Beans)


These vanilla beans from Papua New Guinea (PNG) are picked one by one when fully mature and yellow at the tip. These beans have a unique flavor that combines the sweet creaminess of Madagascar Bourbon vanilla with the fruity and floral notes of Tahitian vanilla. Due to the fruity hints of the PNG beans, they complement the flavors in fruit dishes nicely. PNG beans are ideal for use in sauces, pies, beverages and more. They do NOT need to be refrigerated. The vanilla beans are SUN CURED following the old Totonaca natural cycle. They are not immersed in water nor are they steam-sweated to accelerate the curing process. Beans are aged in boxes for at least six months to obtain vanillin crystals, which produces lots of vanilla oil moisture and 0 water. This process gives you optimal quality vanilla beans.

Store Vanilla Beans in sugar, powdered or granulated. In about 15 days the sugar will be infused with the flavor of vanilla. You can use this vanilla sugar to flavor meringues and all of your baking needs. If the vanilla beans get hard (eventually they will), place them in milk or other liquid in your recipe until soft (typically 1 to 1.5 hours). Proceed to work with the bean(s) as recommended in your recipe.

Product of Papua New Guinea
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