Smokette Original Smoker


Quality Smoker and Slow Cooking Oven

Made in the USA

The Smokette is solidly built in the USA. Model SM009 is all stainless steel. The 850°F insulation surrounding the sides and top keeps it safe and cool on the outside. Clean up is a snap. Grills and racks go straight into the dishwasher. Drippings exit the smoker at the bottom into a pan which can be washed and reused, or discarded.

You Can Smoke Like An Expert from the First Day!

  • Electrically-controlled thermostat allows you to accurately control the temperature from 100° to 250°.
  • Easy to use. Put in wood, food, shut the door, set the temperature.
  • No attention needed while cooking.
  • Low, slow, even heat is gentle to food.
  • Smokes beef, pork, poultry, fish, seafood, lamb, sausage, game, vegetables, etc. Makes great Jerky!
  • Cold smoke with optional cold smoke plate. Great for cheese, pasta, etc.
  • Controlled heat combined with a well-insulated cabinet and no draft cooking conditions produces a consistent, quality product.
  • Safe. Does not get hot on the outside.
  • Easy to move around - wheels included.
  • Easy to clean, Grills and racks go in the dishwasher. Cover wood box and bottom with foil for quick throw-away.
  • Use any dry hardwood. No pellets or special woods required.
  • Capacity: Approximately 20-25 lbs. per load
  • Shelves: Capacity 3 - (14" x 14") nickel-plated grills
  • Electrical: 500 Watts heating element, 4.2 amps, 120v single phase current
  • Dimensions: W=16" x D=17.5" x H=30.625"
  • Model # SM009 - Stainless Steel
  • Insulation: 850 Degree Spin-Glas.
  • Weight: Approximately 75 lbs. crated.

2 year limited warranty including 90 days full parts and labor

  • Model: SM009
  • Shipping Weight: 75lbs

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