Beef Casings

Beef casings are packed in salt. Beef rounds are sold by the set which is approximately 100 feet and stuff around 70-85 pounds depending on the diameter. Beef middles stuff around 65-75 pounds, and beef bung caps hold 15 pounds.

All beef casings are nonedible.

  • Beef bung caps are 4.5" to 5" in diameter and 18" long. Used in large bologna, headcheese, souse, blood tongue, capacola, and mortadella.
  • Beef middles are straight long casings with a 2-1/2" diameter. This casing is used primarily for hard salami, thuringer, and Arabic sausage.
  • Beef rounds range in size from 38 to 46 mm and ring when they are stuffed. Each bundle stuffs approximately 100 pounds. Used in ring bologna, kishka, liver sausage, Swedish potato sausage, metwurst, hourtka, and Arabic sausage. SOAK FOR 60 MINUTES IN LUKEWARM WATER.

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