Vacuum Pouches (Individual)

Vacuum packaging refers to packaging in containers (rigid or flexible), from which substantially all air has been removed prior to final sealing of the container. This method of packaging is actually a form of "Modified and/or Controlled Atmosphere" since normal room air is removed from the package.


  1. Extends shelf-life.
    Aids in controlling oxidative rancidity.
    Prevents the growth of normal spoilage bacteria.
  2. Reduces moisture loss and freezer burn.
    Prevents movement of water out of the product.
  3. Requires minimal storage space.
    Package is drawn tight around product.

Butcher & Packer's standard vacuum pouches are 3-mil. thickness. Custom sizes and custom structures are available with minimums and lead times.

This type of pouch is NOT designed for clamp type vacuum machines " foodsaver "


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