Braunschweiger (Smoked Liversausage)

Pork Liver25
Pork Trimmings15
Lean Pork Trimmings8
Bacon Ends2

Blend I-1911.75 lbs.
Milk Powder1.75 lbs.
DQ Cure2 oz
14-CDX Smoke2 oz (optional)


Grind all meat through 1/2" plate. Mix in seasoning, milk powder, dq cure, and grind through a 1/8" plate until meat has the consistency which is desired (usually 2 grinds). Stuff into yellow liver sausage casing or into a beef round and stuff firmly.


Place the sausage in a 165°F water bath and cook until the internal temperature is between 150°F and 152°F. Chill rapidly, preferably in ice slush.


These are emulsion-type sausages that are usually water-cooked. The cooked product may be lightly smoked at the end of the cook cycle. Smoked bacon ends are used in the product to produce a smoked flavor.

Optional Additions

You can add different items to the liver sausage for variety's sake. For onion liver just saute chopped onions. For goose liver add sauted onions and shelled pistachio (raw if possible).

This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 25 September, 2005.

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