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Mold-600(Formerly M-EK-4) Bactoferm (TM) Product information


Meat culture for production of moulded dried sausages with a white/cream coloured appearance. Mold-600 is a single strain culture containing spores of Penicillium nalgiovense in a convenient freeze-dried form. P. nalgiovense is a fast growing, traditional white mould culture for controlling the surface flora.


Mold 600 is particularly recommended for the production of traditional sausages dried at low temperature and/or low humidity. Mold-600 suppresses the growth of undesirable organisms such as indigenous moulds, yeasts and bacteria. The culture has a positive effect on the drying process by preventing the emergence of a dry rim. Furthermore, the mould degrades lactic acid during maturation resulting in a pH increase and a less sourish flavour.

Package size:

30g for 10 ltre

Storage and shelf life:

Freeze-dried cultures should be stored at -18°C (0°F) or below to have a shelf life for at least 12 months. At +5°C (41°F) the shelf life is at least 6 weeks.

Instructions for use:

One pouch of freeze-dried culture is mixed into 200-500 ml of tap water at approximately 20°C (68°F) and equilibrated for 12 hours at room temperature. The suspension is diluted in 10 litres of tap water and is then ready for use. The mould is inoculated after the stuffing and acclimatisation process, either by dipping or spraying. The spore suspension should be stirred from time to time to prevent settling of the spores, and the suspension should only be used on the day of preparation.

Technical data

  • Culture: Mold-600
  • Mould strain composition: Penicillium nalgiovense
  • Favourable application temperature: 18-24ÂșC ( 64-75°F) for approximately 72 hours
  • Favourable relative humidity: Higher than 86% at the beginning of the fermentation period and with a moderate air velocity
  • Characteristics: Aerobic, Lipolytic, Proteolytic
  • Carrier: Glucose (dextrose)
  • Appearance: White powder with brownish particles
  • Packing: Freeze-dried culture packed in water and air proof aluminium foil pouch Mold-600 Bactoferm (TM) has passed toxicity tests according to the most recent methods performed at Kulmbach Meat Research Institute, Germany.
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