Smoked Andouille Sausage Recipe

Pork Butts25

Blend I-4421.40 lbs.
DQ Cure1 oz
Cold water2 pints


Grind meat through 3/8" or 1/2" plate. Mix the spice, cure and binder together. Place meat into mixing container and addspice mixture and start mixing for 1/3 minute. Then add water and mix all ingredients until they are blended properly.

Note: The grinder knives and plates should be kept sharp to avoid mashing and heating the product while it is being ground. The grinder head should be kept cold also.

Final temperature after grinding should be 35-45ºF. Product is then ready for stuffing. Product may be stuffed into a 35/38mm Hog Casing.


Place in smokehouse with temperatures around 110-120ºF. Apply smoke for 30-45 minutes. After this start your cooking process. 30 minutes at 140ºF*, 30 minutes at 150ºF, and 175º F until meat reaches internal temperature of 160ºF. After internal temperature has been reached then remove and cool sausage down 110º F and let stand for 1 hour until refrigerating.

*Note: If you place a pan of hot water into the smoker or oven after the initial smoking it will help to even out the cooking temperature of the product and will cook faster. The water should be boiling before you put it into a pan ( cookie sheet type).

What is Andouille?

Andouille (pronounced "ahn-DOO-wee") is the Cajun smoked sausage so famous nationally today. Louisiana-style andouille is a spicy, meaty, and coarse-ground; you can even see the grain of the meat in good andouille. Louisiana-style Cajun andouille is not to be confused with andouillette, which is a French tripe sausage.

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