Genoa Salami Recipe

Lean Pork Trimming (85% lean)60
Regular Pork Trimmings40

Salt3.25 lbs.
Dextrose1.25 lbs.
Burgundy Wine1 lb.
Ground White Pepper0.20 lb.
Whole White Pepper0.07 lb.
#2 Cure0.25 lbs.
Garlic Powder0.20 lbs.
T-SPX Culture1/2 packet


Grind all meat through a 1/8" plate, making sure that meat temperature does not rise above 28°F. Mix all ingredients except culture for 3-5 minutes. Add culture slurry (culture and 8 ounces distilled water) and continue to mix for 2 minutes. Stuff into a #5 by 27" fibrous casing, sewed hog bung, or collagen casing. The following parameters could be used as a guideline for the fermentation and maturation process. Ferment at 75-78°F with a relative humidity (r.h.) of 85-88% for 48 hours or until a pH of 4.7-4.9 is reached. Maturation should be at 54-58°F. with an 80-85% r.h. until sufficient weight loss is obtained (25-35%).

Note: by increasing the level of dextrose to 2% you will find a increase in color development and will hold color longer.

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