Moulded Sausage (France) Recipe


Moulded Sausage (France)


This moulded French sausage is characterized by a low fat content (20-25% in the recipe, 35% in the finished product), and the meat is relatively un-spiced and coarsely minced. 


Ingredient:                                          Pounds

Lean sow meat                                     45.00

Lean pork                                            31.10

Fat                                                       19.10

Salt                                                        2.40

DQ Cure #2                                           0.25

Dextrose                                                0.55

Ground pepper                                       0.19

Garlic salt                                               0.10

Whole pepper                                        0.09

Nutmeg                                                  0.08

Sodium erythorbate                                0.06

Red wine                                                1.00

Bactoferm (TM)  FRM-52 traditional starter culture 

Bactoferm (TM)  M-EK-4 mould culture 


  • All ingredients are added to the cutter, and are chopped to the desired particle size. 
  • The meat mix is stuffed into natural hog casings. 
  • The sausages are dipped into a solution of mould spores. 
  • The sausages are allowed to equilibrate to room temperature for 24 hours. 
  • Fermentation for 2 days at 28-30°C/86% r.h. 
  • Drying for 5-6 weeks at 12-14°C/60-65% r.h.






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